Big change

If You are waiting for a big change, You should prepare Yourself and gather all the necessary accessories for baby and parenting. In one place You will find all the products in attractive prices, with professional service. We invite You to visit our center, please also remember about few rules:

  1.  Our hall selling and operating system is based on “cash and carry” rules and obligates us to introduce a ban on entry into the room people with small children, with a clear limitation of motion or other indisposition. This gaurantees safety.
  2. We carry only cash payments.
  3. Due to the high wholesale traffic during the week, most convinient day for shopping is Friday. We encourage you to choose this day for shopping.
ul. Christo Botewa 2b,
30-798 Kraków
tel. 12 261 36 50
fax: 12 423 62 38
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