Cooperate with Semma Distribution Centre

We invite wholesale customers to cooperate with Semma Distribution Centre. Please familiarize Yourself with some information that will help You start cooperation:

  1.  Please send Your company registration documents which will allow us to identify Your business.
  2. After entering the data into the system, You will receive detailed information about discounts, price lists and conditions of delivery.
  3. We encourage you to register in the on-line order system, access to which is under the link:
  4. Orders can be placed through the system for online orders, e-mail or phone. You can also complete a personal shopping cart, because we offer You a comfortable hall with a sales area of​2,500 m2.
  5. After verifying the order and discuss any discrepancies or deficiencies, items are prepared for shipping.
  6. Payment terms are set individually.
ul. Christo Botewa 2b,
30-798 Kraków
tel. 12 261 36 50
fax: 12 423 62 38
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