Semma Distribution Centre was established in 1988 and till this day is a leader in children’s industry in Poland. Our distribution range embraces more than half country, with particular focus on such regions as: Małopolska, Podkarpacie, Śląsk, Świętokrzyskie, Mazowsze, Lubelszczyzna, Łódzkie.


The biggest strenght of Centre is sepcialized staff, which has big experiance and knowledge to provide assistance and support to our customers – both new and already experienced in the industry. Purchasing Department is working with the best suppliers, but we are also open to suggestions for new and small producers.


The Sales Department

The Sales Department consists of experienced professionals who are happy to assist and advise in buying goods. In the case of electronic procurement, customer is informed of the possible shortcomings and proposals for change. Service, Storage and Transport are departments that provide professional services of ordered goods. Well packaged, delivered efficiently and quickly serviced guarantees complete satisfaction with the performed purchases.


Semma Distribution Centre

Semma Distribution Centre runs wholsale, but there is the possibility of making retail purchases. In this case, all purchases has additional margin, i value of 20%. Payment: cash only, on purchases worth minimum 200 zł. We also inform that due to the increased traffic wholesale customers during the week, the most convenient day to make purchases for individual customers is Friday and Monday.

ul. Christo Botewa 2b,
30-798 Kraków
tel. 12 261 36 50
fax: 12 423 62 38
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